Monday, 26 September 2016

Bloodwise Pedal to Paris 2016

For me the summer season of cycling ended with a great trip to Paris from Eltham South East London.

Great Team of supporters for the riders, ride captains, mechanics, and Physios, NEG, I.S.O's (French out riders).

I started the Summer Season with a trip to Paris, and it seems fitting to finish the season with a trip to Paris, of course not forgetting the chap that pilots me around for 4 days for whom a lot of what I do wouldn't be possible, known as Puppa Smurf, Ian Campbell a man who lives on his motorbike.

If he is not proving a press bike, or photo bike, he will be escorting riders on the Tour of Britain, London TRI, Local marathons, cycle sportives, Ride London events, the list goes on, every weekend throughout the summer Ian will be involved with an event, bit like myself I guess.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Learning continues with Portriats

Normally when I do portraits its either at a bike event or a grabbed opportunity on the fly, so it is nice to get a chance to try a few different styles in a controlled environment. 
I realised a long time ago that there is more to just sitting someone down in front of a camera and snap away. 
When it comes to bike events and weddings, the scene and style is already set, it is up to the subject to help create the story and emotion with out too much direction from me, but when it becomes a one to one with no event the challenge really starts.

camera control, and lighting is one thing, but directing someone to stand a certain way to create a look is another learning curve, but good fun in the process.

Thank you Jody for your time.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

CycloCross for 2016/2017

Winter season cyclocross has come around again, blimey time is going so fast these days!

The opening round of the London Cyclo Cross League at Brighton's Stanmer Park.

It was great seeing the Cross faces again, chatting about the summer months, and how some guys have been looking forward to a winter of mud and dust.

This year the curse is pretty similar to last year. A big open space for the start and finish, long drag of a hill up to the woods with some technical single track in the trees, followed by a fast run in with some hurdles thrown in to the finish.

Being careful not to repeat the images of last year I needed to try a couple of different styles.
The first set of images are similar to last year for the start of the races, but one in the woods I could experiment with some flash.

I guess it is going to be work in progress over the next few months...

These shots are with off camera flash up high and a few meters away. I like these, you don't often see this unless it's a championship race where rider shots for selling is not the priority.

The first shot is on the same hairpin ben as the last 2 shots.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Chesterford near Cambridge for a Bike Race

Essex Road Race League promoted bt Rapha cc

I thought I would be on unfamiliar roads for Sunday road race, not recognising place names and villages, but once the race was under way I soon realised I had been to the area before a few years ago photographing a women's stage race.

This time it was a league race for 2nd, and 3rd cat riders. After Saturday's wedding in Bedford trying to avoid a soaking, the forecast was a bit mixed, so I planned for a wet race, when in fact it was a windy sunny day.

Not being in Essex recently to cover any cycling events, I didn't really have a clue who was who.
My local SERRL race had been canceled again, so I was hoping that someone from Kent would come over.

I had a press bike at my disposal paid for by the sponsors, Rapha Cycling, so I was looking forward to getting on with the job.


Race winner 
Luke Hattersley Richardson Trek RT 

Trip to BedFord for a wedding, and a bike race

Last weekend started on a Friday evening when arriving just outside Bedford for a wedding I'd been commission for at Moreteyne Manor.

This was a great day, dodging rain showers for the formal shots, and generally have good fun with the guests in creating fun shots.

Dominic & Laura 
Wedding Day

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Quick trip to the seaside...

August is proving to be a good month for sunny weather at the moment, so it was time to have some fun in the sun.

I needed to get some learning done, and my model for the day Natasha wanted some photos to decorate some walls at home.

We came up with a plan, prayed it wouldn't rain, and got to the coast. Strong Sunlight and wind would be the challenge for the day.

First priority was to make sure the fun element was high on the list. The above image indicates how strong the sea breeze was.